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Car rental service in Sochi and Adler
New cars. Best price!
Our features:
New cars
Not older than 3 years
Baby car seet for FREE
Your child will be safe without extra cash

Quick booking
Registration of the contract will take no more than 15 minutes
Сar insurance included
All our cars are insured
FREE car delivery to destination
Free car delivery to your address within Adler
Roadside assistance
We are always in touch and ready to help!
Booking conditions:
Driver's age requirement - 21+ years old
Minimum driving experience - 3 years
2 documents - driver's license and passport with a valid Russian visa
Mileage limit of 250 km per day
Our cars:
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What time can I rent a car?
Our office is open for you daily from 08:00 to 22:00. But you can order delivery or return of the car at any other time convenient for you for an additional fee
Can I get a car right now, without prior reservation?
Yes, of course! But in this case, you will have to choose between the cars that are available, so we recommend you to reserve a car in advance

    I ordered a car with delivery to the airport, but my flight is delayed. What should I do?
    If you provided our company with information on your flight, then you will receive the car upon arrival. If we don't have such information, in case of a flight delay, you need to contact us for more information
    I had a car accident and damaged a car. Who will pay for car repairs?
    The cars you rent are insured. In case of damage to the car in an accident, you are responsible within the framework of the basic reimbursement, subject to the provisions of the contract In any case, you need to call the police and document the accident, as well as contact our support

    I do not have Russian citizenship. Can i rent a car? Will the cost and terms of the lease change in this case?
    For foreign citizens, you also need a passport with a valid Russian visa. There will be no changes in the rental conditions
    When will i get my deposit back?
    We will refund your deposit after returning the car from the rental, checking the car and signing the return certificate
    The rented car has broken, what should I do?
    You need to contact our support team (see Contacts)
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    Please, fill out the group booking form and we will get in touch with you soon
    Chose your car,please:
    Delivery place:
    Number of rental days
    You can download an example of booking contract here (avaliable only in Russian):
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